Behind the scenes at a fiercely Fabrik photo shoot

This is what happens when I’m inspired by celebrities, social media, catwalks and the vibrant colours of retail fronts. I pull my team together and we collaborate with make-up artists, stylists and photographers to transcend the barrier between imagination and reality.

Our latest photo shoot was the result of a collection of hairstyles we’ve aptly named ‘Fierce’.

It explodes at you with an unparalleled eruption of colour, pared beautifully with sensational models and fabulous fashions.

We wanted to present images that capture colours as they work together to create deep beauty, showcase creativity and level-up the inspiration for our clients.


My team are terrific at interpreting the current fashion scene and making the colours their own art form.

The culmination of weeks of research and brainstorming leads us to make beautiful story boards that map out a narrative for our support team including our make-up artist, stylist and of course, our photographer.

And here’s where it all starts to get really exciting.

We go on a journey to find just the right models for the shoot.

Our models are always just ordinary people; they’re family, friends, friends of friends, clients and brave people we find through social media.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be in front of the camera with a bold hairstyle, posing like you’re a Kardashian doing it for a living.

The hair we can work with; it doesn’t matter if the models come to us looking like a plain Jane because it gives us more scope to play – and we love to play!

It does matter, however, if they get so nervous in front of the camera that we can’t get the shots we need so finding those people who are naturally extroverted is really important to us.

We usually choose around four models and its always a combination of guys and gals. We want to show the whole world that men can be edgy with their colours as well.


Photoshoots don’t happen in the blink of an eye. It’s weeks of preparation. Sometimes months.

A lot goes into the organising, including an incredible amount of back-and-forth with the support team (make-up artist, stylist and photographer).

The stylist provides the clothes so we have to be super clear with her about the overall look we’re trying to achieve.

It’s no good if she brings ethereal and floaty clothes if we’ve gone for a hardline corporate look (which is actually highly unlikely to happen but you get the point).

Once we’ve squared away the looks, found the models and briefed the support team we get to work practicing the colours we want for the shoot.

We use extensions, essentially we’re strand testing because we need to know exactly what preparations to do for the more out-there colours before we attempt them on a living breathing human, especially if we’ve never done some of these particular fashions before.

A few days before the shoot, we get the models into the salon to prep their hair.

Sometimes this means pre-lightening, sometimes it means treating the hair, sometimes it’s a style cut.

The day before the shoot is when we get down to business.

We get the models back in the salon and bring our vision of colour to life.

Shoot day is always massive.

Everyone arrives at the salon at 9am.

Styling starts immediately. As much as we’re about the colour, it’s also phenomenal hair styling, clothing and make-up that makes our fabulous photographer’s job easier and produces outstanding photos.

I hover like a mother-hen while the make-up artist and the stylist perform their part of our model transformations.

You know, it’s an amazing thing to see the change happen in our models across the week that leads to this moment.

Not only do their looks change but you can often see their inner personality blossom as well as they take on a new character to match their new hair.

It’s really cool because it’s also exactly what we need them to do in front of the camera; play a character.

When the stylist finishes, it’s quite literally lights, camera, action.


How long the models spend in front of the camera will vary significantly depending on their modelling experience, their comfort factor and how much they fall into their new character.

Sometimes it’s 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s more than an hour.

But we keep on shooting until we get the money shots.

We don’t settle for less than perfection when we work directly on our clients. So what people see in our marketing material needs to rise well and truly above that level of perfection as well.

It needs to be this extraordinary ­– almost unobtainable – look that people immediately assume they wouldn’t be able to get from anyone but us at Fabrik.

Then once the sun sets on our photo shoot, we wait.

Wait for the proofs from our photographer.

FIERCE COLLECTION.photographers_selection

It’s the most nerve-wrecking part of the process. I’m usually so excited to see the photos that it’s all I can think about.

But we have them now and we’re very excited to be sharing them with you.

We’re in the process of having them turned into new banners for the walls in the salon so maybe next time you’re in here you’ll get to see them larger than life.

It may even inspire you to try something completely wild.

If you’re ready to make an appointment, contact us here: 

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