Have you chosen your Spring hair colour?

This Spring, women’s hair colours are all about intense jewels or delicate pastels, and deciding which way to go (given they’re extraordinarily polar from one another) really is a very tough call.

The jewels we’re seeing are all those intense blues, greens, roses, amethysts and yellows.

While the pastels we’re seeing are the softer and sweet rose golds, pinks, lavenders/lilacs, greens, peaches and yellows.

There is no end to the number of celebrities rocking both jewel and pastels right now so you’ll find little help there.

The decision is all yours and what you might find helps your decision-making the most can be found staring right back at you in the mirror.

  1. What colour is your hair now?
  2. What colour is your skin tone?


Fabrik Hair. The Very Fabrik.Spring Colours 2016

What colour is your hair now?

Firstly, let me tell you that going to a jewel or pastel colour is very rarely a matter of making a split second decision as you wander past the hairdresser’s door.

There’s quite a bit involved.

Oh, and you have to be blonde.

Really, really blonde.

Even natural blondes need pre-lightening before they can go pastel. Your hair needs have as little existing colour pigment as possible to absorb the fashion colour. The bleaching process which removes the existing colour in your hair allows for the new – very light – colour to be deposited.  It won’t quite work out the way you hoped otherwise.

So the moral of this story, is that if you don’t want to first go very, very blonde before you go pastel, then maybe these particular fashion colours aren’t for you after all.

We’re quite taken with the jewel tones here at Fabrik hair as you’ll notice from our most recent photoshoot and last blog post .


What colour is your skin tone?

There is a very simple formula here:

  • Cool skin tones suit warm colours (roses, pinks, peaches, yellows, oranges, etc.)
  • Warm skin tones suit cool colours (blues, greens, plums, amethysts, etc.)


Now while these rules do work in both the jewels and the pastels here’s a little insider opinion that might sway your vote… pastels really rock on fair people which jewel tones pop something major on darker folks.

So once I’ve made a decision, what next?

Neither the jewel tones or the pastels are the sort of look you can try at home and expect a high quality result.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to go really, really blonde first.

No matter what your hair colour currently is, we will need to pre-lighten it to remove any pigment which might get between you and a clean result.

If you’ve been colouring your hair for some time you’re likely to have a buildup of colour which might mean a few visits to the salon for pre-lightening before its light enough to apply the fashion colour.

And while it might be tempting to pre-lighten your hair yourself, it’s really not a wise move.

Pre-lightening is a bleaching process.

Bleaching your hair properly takes your hair through many phases as we remove the various undertones in your hair colour until you reach a nice even platinum tone.

It’s an exercise best left to the professionals. Otherwise you’ll end up in my salon chair anyway but looking like Sideshow Bob with a crazy dried out orange/yellow mess.

And since we’ve mentioned that DIY bleaching can dry out your hair and cause long-lasting damage, I thought this might be the crucial point to segue into how to prevent that happening.

WHAT IS OLAPLEX? Olaplex is a salon only treatment that repairs your hair from within to make it stronger and healthier. It also makes your colour last longer and gives it more vibrancy.

Fabrik Hair knows that Olaplex is your best-friend.

Olaplex supports the very foundation of your hair structure and allow us to push further, faster with less damage to your hair.

We actually recommend Olaplex to anyone that colours their hair on a regular basis because it helps to maintain the integrity of your hair which is always our first and foremost concern.

Fabrik Hair.The Very Fabrik.Crystal with pastel hair

How much does it all cost?

If you’re trying to budget for these looks, here’s a bit of a guide for you…

You may not have ever thought about how much time or product goes into turning your locks from brunette to peach for example, but once you stop and do start thinking about it you’ll realise just why this could be an expensive exercise for you.

Never-mind the sessions it took to lighten your hair ready for the big transformation day, once the day comes for us to bring your dream colour to life, you could be in the chair more than 5 hours.

That’s not to say it won’t be worthwhile… it totally will… and we love to work that sort of magic for you. We just don’t want you to face any unwanted surprises when you’re in the salon chair.

How do I look after it?

Fashion colours do fade fast unfortunately, so they require a whole lot more maintenance than your more conservative and natural colours.

To keep the colour like new, you’ll need to have a hairdressing appointment every few weeks.

In fact, once a month is the bare minimum. The reality is that fashion colours fade significantly with every single wash.

If you wash your hair twice-a-week or more, you could find yourself needing a retouch every fortnight.

We also recommend using salon quality shampoo and conditioner purpose made for the colour you’ve opted for this season. Doing this will reduce the rate at which your colour fades.

In saying all this, you may find that you really enjoy the colours that emerge during the fading process while you wait for your next appointment. I know we’ve had some fun with it ourselves here in the salon.

You should definitely keep up regular home treatments though, including using the Delorenzo Oil Balance, Protein Complex and Equilibrium products to boost the health of your hair and colour.

Here’s a few of the celebrities rocking this season’s colours.

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